Lamoille Regional Solid Waste Management District

Serving the Member Towns of: Belvidere, Cambridge, Craftsbury, Eden, Elmore, Hyde Park, Johnson, Morrisville, Stowe, Waterville, Wolcott, & Worcester


LRSWMD est. 1989

Lamoille Soil est. 2017

The mission of the Lamoille Regional Solid Waste Management District is to reduce the quantity and toxicity of the trash generated and going to the landfill while maintaining or improving overall environmental quality (air, water, and soil), treating customers and employees with respect and operating within a balanced budget.

Board of Supervisors

Meeting Times: All meetings are taking place virtually until further notice. To obtain meeting links, please email

Executive Committee: As needed and every first Monday of the month. 10:30 a.m., Location TBD

Full Board: Every second Tuesday of the month – except March. 6:30 p.m., Location TBD

Board of Supervisors
Board Member: Cathy Mander-Adams
Phone: 644-5305
Term: Elected, expires 2022
Board Member: Vacant
Term: Elected, expires 2023
Board Member: Dana Sweet
Phone: 644-5470 cell: 373-4650
Term: Appointed, expires 2022 
Board Member: Charles Cooley
Phone: 888-6801 cell: 585-9041
Term: Appointed, expires 2022
Board Member: Penelope Doherty
Phone: 586-2486
Term: Elected, expires 2023
Board Member: Willie Noyes
Phone: 253-8552 cell: 279-6520
Term: Appointed, expires 2022
Board Member: David Whitcomb
Phone: 635-2590
Term: Appointed, expires 2023
Board Member: Lucas Tilton
Phone: 355-9967
Term: Elected, expires 2023
Board Member: Jane Oliphant
Phone: 888-2072
Term: Elected, expires 2023
Board Member: Phillip Wilson
Phone: 641-799-9256
Term: Appointed, expires 2022
Hyde Park
Board Member: Marilyn Zophar
Phone: 793-4348
Term: Elected, expires 2023
Board Member: Carl Witke
Phone: 229-0259
Term: Elected, expires 2022



District Manager: Susan Alexander, Ph: 888-7317,

Facilities Foreman/Compost: James Gonyaw, Ph:730-4952, or

Operations Administrator: Joyce Majors, Ph:888-7317,

Outreach Manager: Elly Ventura, Ph: 888-7317,

Employment – Facility Coordinator Job Details

 Recycling Facility Coordinator

Email completed application materials to by July 2, 2021.

No phone calls please.

With the expansion of state mandates and a growing reliance on the workforce to properly manage more materials, the LRSWMD is hiring a new position for a self-starter with care for details and a desire to improve community’s participation in waste reduction and materials management. The position will primarily be stationed in Stowe with the expectation to work at any of the drop-off facilities and also report to the main office each week for administrative tasks.  This position is a hybrid of both site attendant duties and general assistance to the entire District as an organization. Weekend work required.  Reporting directly to the Facility Manager. This is a full-time position with excellent benefits including 100% health care, vacation and sick leave, holidays, and a retirement program. Career-minded applicants with experience supervising others will be given first options for interviews. Submit a complete resume and brief statement demonstrating your ability to support the LRSWMD mission.

The successful candidate will be proficient in and strive to excel in all the following:

Strong leadership skills to motivate and encourage robust daily performance from staff and a positive experience for visiting customers while supporting the mission of the District

  • Strong leadership skills to motivate and encourage robust daily performance from staff and a positive experience for visiting customers while supporting the mission of the District
  • Excellent communication skills to work collaboratively across a broad array of stakeholders (staff, customers, vendors, etc.)
  • Demonstrate commitment to the LRSWMD mission for sustainable management of all waste materials in a way that motivates staff
  • successfully direct daily operations to ensure daily workload is accomplished and equally distributed among all scheduled employees while being attentive to fluctuating schedules, health & safety protocols, and state requirements
  • High degree of motivation, creativity, persistence in developing and implementing policies and systems for problem-solving
  • Exercise diplomacy, discretion, persuasiveness and resourcefulness in resolving conflicts
  • Support administrative team in data collection and reporting
  • Amplify outreach and education programs at facilities
  • Identify training and mentoring needs that enhance personal and staff members’ professional skills to continuously strengthen the LRSWMD team

Send to: by July 2, 2021

Employment – Site Attendant Job Description

Be part of our team! Start right away! The LRSWMD is seeking highly motivated individuals to dependably work at our busy Drop-Off locations on Saturdays and/or Sundays. Several Part-time and one Full-time (comes with benefits*) SITE ATTENDANT position available. Must enjoy interacting with the public, be able to operate a point-of-sale system and/or cash register (training provided) and enjoy interacting with the public. Moderate to strenuous physical effort is required as is the ability to work outdoors year-round. Self-starters and those with a passion for reducing waste, recycling, and composting are strongly encouraged to apply.
See below for job details and application information.

 Site Attendant Job Description

Text or call James for more details, 802-730-4952.

Applications can be picked up at all LRSWMD locations or CLICK HERE to apply.

DEFINITION:  Skilled technical and manual work in the operation of District Drop-off Stations. Operate all aspects of collection and handling of municipal solid waste [MSW], recyclables and special wastes. Attendants work under the direct supervision of the Facility Manager. The work requires in and outdoor work in all weather. Moderate to strenuous physical activity is required. Attendants are required to work safely and bring unsafe conditions to the attention of the Facility Manager. Attendants are required to treat customers and other staff courteously, work as a team and support the mission of the LRSWMD.

*Benefits include: 100% health care, vacation and sick leave, holidays, and a retirement program


  1. Unlock and lock up stations at the beginning and end of the workday. Note any vandalism or other unusual activity and report it to the Facility Manager.
  2. Set up the cash drawer with the startup cash, as provided by the office.
  3. Measure and calculate cost of each customer’s load of bagged or bulk waste and recycling (per bag fee or per cubic yard) and other items such as freon-containing appliances, textiles, tires or other special wastes.
  4. Set and collect the fee, make change or record the amount on a charge slip in the case of credit customers, provide receipt to customer for each transaction.
  5. Direct the customer to the proper collection container where each item is to be deposited.
  6. Educate customers about recycling specifications and provide educational brochures on fees, recycling and other materials as needed. Inform customers about mandatory separation rules for recyclables and special wastes (this includes all recycling and landfill banned wastes).
  7. Assist elderly or handicapped customers that need help unloading their vehicle and placing materials in proper containers.
  8. Operate equipment (Bobcat, compactors, tools) safely to transport material, process for transportation, or make basic repairs.
  9. Count bottles, pay customers their deposit, and sort containers according to distributor and transportation scheme.
  10. Monitor customers while on site and take actions to ensure they:
    1. follow safe practices (parking, placing items in containers, etc),
    1. do not remove items not intended for reuse (eg. air conditioners, tires),
    1. and otherwise follow District policies.
  11.  Remove snow from platforms and walkways and sand or salt to minimize the danger of falls due to icy conditions. Icy or snowy drives must be reported to the Facility Manager for immediate attention.
  12. Sweep, pick up litter and spilled waste from under platforms and, when able, along retaining walls and otherwise keep the station neat.
  13. Make note of damage or loss of District tools and other equipment and report them to the Facility Manager. Likewise note needed sanitary and safety supplies and report to the Facility Manager for repairs or replacement.
  14. Properly pack fluorescent tubes, e-waste, plastic bags, books, tapes, DVDS and other special wastes the proper containers and report amounts to the Facility Manager for dispatch.
  15. Dispatch full roll-offs through the Facility Manager.
  16. Inspect facility at the end of the day to ensure all materials are placed in appropriate containers, under cover and/or on impervious surfaces as required.  Check that refrigerators and freezers have doors removed or otherwise rendered safe from being locked in.    
  17. At the end of the workday, remove startup cash for the next workday. Place the day’s receipts and completed log sheets in cash bag provided and turn them into the office, bank or Facility Manager depending on the station.
  18. Z-out of cash register!


  1. Read and sign-off on Employee Policy Manual and Transfer Station Operators Manual (send to office) and review annually.
  2. Fill out training log on all aspects of operations you have been trained on (send copy to office).
  3. Request training if it is not provided or if special circumstances are needed to assist in proper training.
  4. Report any unsatisfactory customer behavior and avoid escalating arguments with those customers. 
  5. Wear provided uniform including turning-in and picking-up uniforms for weekly cleaning.
  6. Perform other tasks as assigned by the Facility Manager.

DISTRICT MISSION: “Our mission is to reduce the quantity and toxicity of the trash generated and going to the landfill while maintaining or improving overall environmental quality (air, water, and soil), treating customers and employees with respect, and operating within a balanced budget.” 

Items for Sale

Soil Saver Compost Bin


Blue Recycling Bin

15 gallons


Lamoille Soil Bucket

5 gallons


*Food scrap bucket lids can be purchased individually for $7. (Fits any 3-5 gallon bucket)

*Green Cone Digester


Kitchen Collector

~1.5 gallons


*Food Scrap Bucket Lid- Fits any 5 Gallon Bucket: $7 each

*Kitchen Collector Replacement Filters:$8/3 pack, Cages: $3 each

*Green Cone Accelerator Powder: $10/4 oz.

*Need Green Cone replacement parts? Look here:

*Limited replacement parts for Soil Savers

Prices vary and not all parts are available

*Available only at the Morrisville District Office, 29 Sunset Drive. 888-7317

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