Site Attendant

Text or call James for more details, 802-730-4952.

The LRSWMD is seeking highly motivated individuals to dependably work at our busy Drop-Off locations on Saturdays and/or Sundays. Several Part-time and one Full-time (comes with benefits*) SITE ATTENDANT position available. Must enjoy interacting with the public and be able to operate a point-of-sale system and/or cash register (training provided). Moderate to strenuous physical effort is required as is the ability to work outdoors year-round. Self-starters and those with a passion for reducing waste, recycling, and composting are strongly encouraged to apply.
*Full-time benefits include: 100% health care, vacation and sick leave, holidays, and a retirement program

Applications can be picked up at all LRSWMD locations or CLICK HERE to apply.

DEFINITION:  Skilled technical and manual work in the operation of District Drop-off Stations. Operate all aspects of collection and handling of municipal solid waste [MSW], recyclables and special wastes. Attendants work under the direct supervision of the Facility Manager. The work requires in and outdoor work in all weather. Moderate to strenuous physical activity is required. Attendants are required to work safely and bring unsafe conditions to the attention of the Facility Manager. Attendants are required to treat customers and other staff courteously, work as a team and support the mission of the LRSWMD.


  • Unlock and lock up stations at the beginning and end of the workday. Note any vandalism or other unusual activity and report to the Facility Manager.
  • Set up the cash drawer with the startup cash as provided by the office or to you.
  • Measure and calculate properly the cost of each customer’s load of bagged or bulk waste (per bag fee or cubic yard) and all other accepted items at location such as textiles, tires and etc.
  • Collect the fee assessed and make the proper change or record the amount on a charge slip for credit customers. Provide receipt to customer for each transaction.
  • Properly direct customer to designated collection container where each item is to be deposited.
  • Items that require special storage such as fluorescent light bulbs must be properly placed in designated areas/containers.
  • Educate customers about recycling specifications and provide educational brochures on fees, recycling, and other materials as needed. Inform customers about mandatory separation rules for recycling, composting, and all special wastes (all banned from landfill materials).
  • Assist any customer who needs assistance unloading their vehicle and placing the material in the proper container.
  • Operate all equipment (Bobcat, compactors, tools) safely and effectively to transport material, process for transportation or make basic repairs. Training provided.
  • Count bottles and cans, pay customers the deposit, and sort containers according to distributor and transportation scheme.
  • Monitor all customers while on site and take action to ensure all District policies are followed such as: not removing tires or air conditioners from site, and following safe practices such as parking and placing items in proper locations.
  • Remove snow from platforms and walkways and apply sand or salt to minimize the danger of falls due to icy conditions. Icy or snowy drives must be reported to the Facility Manager for immediate attention.
  • Keep all stations neat and clean. Sweep, pick up little and spilled waste from and around any and all work areas when time is available. i.e. wash windows, dust, etc.
  • Make not of damage or loss of District tools and other equipment and report them to the Facility Manager. Likewise, note needed sanitary and safety supplies and directly report to the Facility Manager for proper repairs or replacement.
  • Report to the Facilities Manager the amounts of all properly packed materials such as: fluorescent tubes, plastic bags and other special waste for setup on hauling these materials.
  • Dispatch full roll-offs through the Facility Manager.
  • Inspect the work location at end of the day to ensure that all the materials are properly placed in correct containers, under cover and/or on impervious surfaces as each item is required. Check that refrigerant-containing items have had doors removed for safe conditions.
  • At the end of workday, remove startup cash for the next workday. Place the receipts from the day and all necessary completed sheets and cash bags in proper locations such as the office, bank or scale house to be collected and turned in all depending on your station.
  • Throughout workday, when slow, make sure all areas of job site are kept up like general cleanliness, neatness of work areas, etc.
  • Z-out of the cash register.


  • Read and sign-off on Employee Policy Manual and Transfer Station Operators manual (send to office) and review annually.
  • Fill out training log on all aspects of operations you have been trained on and send copy to the office.
  • Request training if it is not provided or if special circumstances are needed to assist in proper training.
  • Report any unsatisfactory customer behavior and avoid escalating arguments with those customers.
  • Wear provided uniform including turning-in and picking up uniforms for weekly cleaning.
  • Perform other tasks as assigned by the Facility Manager.


  • Ability to work and complete all duties independently at other locations where you may be the only attendant on-site.
  • Ability to function under pressure and meet deadlines while maintaining a helpful and cheerful attitude.
  • Ability to follow all responsibilities and rules the district enforces and adjust to them as they are deemed necessary.
  • Must have a valid driver’s license and high school diploma or GED.
  • Ability to lift 45 pounds on a regular basis.

Disclaimer: All information above is intended to describe the overall position and is not to be considered the complete statement of the duties and responsibilities that are necessary.