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The LRSWMD offers Free Programs for Schools using waste management to provide a wide-range of learning experiences to students and staff. We understand that your school is facing a unique set of challenges these days. Let us help by coming in and providing tools, time, resources, and learning opportunities. We offer activities, facility tours, presentations, community connections, volunteer opportunities, information on national programs that offer cash and prizes, and presentations addressing materials management from different angles. All interactions are customized for your school and classroom.

One activity we can offer is to oversee an interactive Waste Audit rich with learning opportunities for all ages.

Email, for more details or if you are interested in bringing and of these opportunity to your school!

Hazardous Materials Management In Schools

HazWaste Collection

We are pleased to share this valuable resource page collated by the VT Department of Environmental Conservation, our partners in responsible solid waste management and technical assistance.

If you have chemicals you need to get rid of, check out Informed Green Solutions. They are coordinating with the VT Schools Business Insurance Trust to help offset chemical disposal costs for schools. Informed Green Solutions can also provide environmental health and asthma training and technical assistance to VT schools at no cost to you.

School Lab Chemicals and Toxics Clean Outs

  • Rehab the Lab by King County in Washington state has a helpful updated chemical list.
  • These videos show what might commonly be found in a schools. 

Other Resources
Vaping Device Management