Reduced Waste Living

Committing to reducing waste in today’s world can be overwhelming, and perfection isn’t always possible or accessible, but it’s important to remember that it’s ok to make incremental changes, to commit to one particular area (like not throwing away food or eliminating plastic packaging), to fail sometimes, and to just do whatever you can – each step makes a difference.

There are many reasons to reduce the amount of waste we produce — saving money over time, conserving natural resources, introducing fewer toxins into our homes, preserving the planet for future generations, or even just having fewer items to bring to us to pay to take off your hands!

Three steps to reduce waste:
1. Eliminate single use from your life. There’s a reusable alternative for every disposable item out there – once you’ve used up your current stash, consider purchasing a reusable replacement (click on the pics to learn more). It may be more money upfront, but as a one-time purchase that can be used over and over again, it will eventually pay for itself.
2. Buy without packaging. Buy in bulk using your own containers. Check out these bulk store locators here and here.
3. Stop accepting “freebies,” from business cards of people you’re already in touch with to pens at conferences to receipts unless you need them for budget tracking or reimbursement. Protect your privacy and the sanctity of your home from junk mail, catalogs, and pre-screened credit card offers by opting out of common mailing lists here and here.