Asbestos is not accepted at any LRSWMD facility. Removal of asbestos in any form, friable or non-friable, creates concerns because the material can cause respiratory damage if inhaled. Friable asbestos (soft and fibrous such as pipe insulation) is the most hazardous. Non-friable asbestos (often found in siding and roof shingles and floor tiles of certain vintage) is less hazardous as it is less likely to break into airborne particles. If you have asbestos wastes, look in the yellow pages under "Asbestos Abatement and Removal" and "Asbestos Consulting and Testing." Or call the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources at 802-2828-1138 for further information.

Some forms of asbestos, such as tiles and roofing, do not need to be removed by a professional asbestos removal company, but disposal of these materials is still strictly regulated and only some landfills are permitted to accept such wastes. Asbestos tiles, siding and roofing must be removed damp, specially wrapped in plastic and taken directly to a landfill that accepts the materials.

For detailed instructions, contact: Waste USA in Coventry - (802) 334-8300
For more information, contact the Vermont Department of Health: (800) 439-8550.

Technicians: Eric Levaggi - (802) 793-7062  and Anglo-American Environmental, Philip Cook  (802) 888-4112 or (802) 730-3675