Grocery Bags

  • Reduce. If you accumulate a lot of paper or plastic grocery bags, consider switching to reusable canvas bags. They are easier to handle and stronger.
  • Reuse. Check with local farmer's markets, thrift shops or small businesses, such as food co-ops or garden stands, to see if they will accept grocery bags for reuse.
  • Recycle. Brown paper bags can be recycled with cardboard in your regular recycling program.
  • Some grocery stores and all LRSWMD Transfer Stations accept plastic grocery bags for recycling. Look in the front of the store for a collection container or bring your separated film plastics to any LRSWMD drop off station for free. Bags must be clean and dry and collected separately from other recyclables.
  • Start a community competition by participating in the TREX Recycling Challenge to collect all sorts of flim plastics and make it into plastic lumber!