Acceptable Items*

*Please see the list to the left for items that are accepted at HHW Events.

LRSWMD hosts up to three collections per year. Please hold onto your hazardous waste until those collections or use the CSWD Environmental Depot. Collections are free to LRSWMD residents. Businesses will be charged and must call the office one week before an event to register, 888-7317.  

If you have only paint, don't wait for an HHW collection to get rid of it.   Visit the PaintCare website for year-round collector locations.


Please Manage your Household Hazardous Waste Correctly

  • Do NOT dump leftover Household Hazardous Waste on the ground or down the sewer. Dispose of leftovers properly at our collections.
  • Read labels carefully before you make purchases so you can reduce the amount of hazardous material that you bring into your home. Choose non-toxic alternatives when possible. Select the least toxic products available and buy only the amount you need to use.
  • Store all toxic products away from children and animals in safe, tight containers. Make sure they won't leak.
  • Store away from extreme temperatures.
  • Follow label directions and use only what is needed.
  • NEVER mix products. Mixing products can cause explosive or poisonous chemical reactions.
  • Always store products in their original container with the original label.
  • Never eat, drink, or smoke when handling hazardous materials. Clean up properly after use.
  • For more information visit the Department of Environmental Conservation website.