Compost Literacy Book Discussions

While our backyard piles may be lying dormat during these winter months, conversations around composting are about to become very active! As a way to prepare for the July 1 landfill ban on food scraps we are partnering with local libraries to discuss three books highlighting the amazing things that compost can do! We were excited to host an excited and successful virtual discussion about Kiss the Ground on April 2. Please stay tuned for how the next two discussions may unfold.

Kiss the Ground, Josh Tickell

Growing a Revolution, David R. Montgomery

Cows Save the Planet, Judith D. Schwartz

Compost literacy tour Book Club

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Vermont Green Business Environmental Program

The Vermont Green Business Program (VT GBP) is a no-cost, voluntary, recognition program that provides resources to Vermont business on how to go above and beyond compliance with existing environmental regulations, using pollution prevention strategies and implementation of best management practices. 

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