Holiday Disposal Guide

Unless otherwise noted, items can be dropped off at any of our locations. If an item isn’t listed below, please see our Items Accepted or our A-Z Special Recycling pages, or feel free to call us at 888-7317 with any questions.


We accept string lights at any of our sites that accept scrap metal – Johnson, Morrisville, Stowe, and Worcester.


Wrapping paper – plain and uncoatedSingle Stream/Blue Bin Recycling
Wrapping paper w/ glitter, foil, metallic print, Mylar, or shiny coatingTrash
Carboard tubesSingle Stream/Blue Bin Recycling
Tissue paper – plainSingle Stream/Blue Bin Recycling
Tissue paper with glitter, sparkles, or foilTrash
Tape dispensersTrash
Ribbons and bowsTrash (or save for reuse next year!)


Bubble wrapSeparate Recycling – Film Plastics
Cardboard and boxboard (flattened)Recycling
Foam packingTrash
Overwrap for cases (such as those on toilet paper and paper towels)Separate Recycling – Film Plastics
Paper receiptsSingle Stream/Blue Bin Recycling
Paper bags – plainSingle Stream/Blue Bin Recycling
Paper packing (plain)Single Stream/Blue Bin Recycling
Paper mailers lined with bubble wrapTrash
Packing peanutsDrop them off bagged at our main office – 29 Sunset Dr., Morrisville


Christmas trees make excellent habitat for birds and other wildlife if left outside after the holidays. If you have enough land, leave your tree out to decay naturally over time. If you know anyone with goats, talk to them–goats love to eat Christmas trees!

If not, our Johnson and Stowe LRSWMD Drop-off Locations accept Christmas Trees for free year-round. **Please remove all tinsel, lights, ornaments, and any foreign material from the tree before recycling it**


Unfortunately, artificial Christmas trees cannot be recycled and must be disposed of in the landfill. If you are disposing of an artificial tree, please drop it off at with the rest of your trash at any of our locations.

With thanks to CVSWD’s Holiday Waste Guide, available here.