Prevent Food Waste this Thanksgiving

Holiday Food Waste Reduction Tips:

Before the meal

  • Calculate how much food to buy based on the number of expected guests with the Guest-imator
  • Create and stick to shopping lists
  • “Shop” your refrigerator and pantry first
  • Try not to overprepare food if you know you aren’t going to enjoy the leftovers

During the meal

  • Serve food on smaller plates
    • Research shows that just by using smaller plates, we serve ourselves smaller portions. Since our eyes can tend to be bigger than our stomachs, this is a great trick for reducing food waste. People can always go back for seconds if they want more!

After the meal

  • Encourage guests to take leftovers home
    • To prevent plastic waste, encourage your guests ahead of time to bring their own reusable containers with them
  • Store leftovers in the freezer to enjoy later
  • Consider safely sharing extra food with family and donating unopened, non-perishable food items to a local charity (Always contact food rescue organizations in advance of a drop off)
  • Get creative by sprucing up leftovers with the recipe ideas below or search online for others!

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