Hitting the “Big Screen”

Two days worth of corrugated cardboard collection at the Stowe Transfer Station.

Videos showing how we work

The LRSWMD is happy to announce our latest productions!

We are elated to share our latest learning videos with you. Both videos were produced in-house and aim to enhance your understanding of some of the inner workings of the Lamoille Regional Solid Waste Management District. The first video is a tour of our Lamoille Soil Composting facility. We have been so impressed with the amount of food scraps that have been brought into our facilities that we thought it was a worthwhile project to reveal what happens to your food scraps after you fill those totes! This nine-minute video is a condensed experience of how your food scraps are converted into nutrient-rich compost.

Our second video was created to inform our customers of a new recycling pilot project that has begun at the Stowe Transfer Station. Just as we have been collecting glass in a separate container here since April 2020, we have now introduced a similar program for corrugated cardboard. In just three and a half week, we have already captured over 5 tons of this valuable material! Thank you for quickly accepting this new program. To help us carry on this overwhelmingly positive response, please prepare your cardboard boxes as shown in this quick video. Keeping all of our material streams clean is always a top priority for us.

Tips for sorting corrugated cardboard correctly.

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