Celebrate National Poetry Month with LRSWMD

April is National Poetry Month, and to celebrate this year, the LRSWMD is seeking submissions of poems about materials management! Writing poetry is a great way to release creativity and reflect on how we perceive materials management such as recycling, composting, and trash disposal. Everyone is encouraged to submit poems- students, residents, businesses, professionals, amateurs, or complete poetry novices! While this is not a competition, and winners will not be chosen, all poem submissions will be posted at LRSWMD locations throughout the spring and summer for our residents to enjoy. Poems will be accepted until April 30, 2021 and can be submitted to Lexi Chambers at americorps@lrswmd.org.

Here is an example to spark inspiration:

“There was a young lad from lamoille

Whose trash was a terrible toil

Until he used his blue bin

To put recyclables in

And his food scraps were turned into soil “

~Susan Alexander, District Manager

2 thoughts on “Celebrate National Poetry Month with LRSWMD

  1. Faith bieler

    Lexi, What about the kids? Seems like the poems are accepted from all! That’s great. Also hope that kids will enter their poems and that teachers could promote guidance and excitement over this.


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